About our Finance and Lease options

  Itís no secret; we're now one of Dallas TX premier Lease to own Furniture stores. If youíre planning to finance your new furniture then you have found the right store! Go ahead and book mark us now or better yet, apply today and get approved instantly! Come shop in the store or shop online and order over the phone our process is entirely designed to fit your schedule!

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So what's different about our store?

1. Thereís no obligation! Thatís right, if you choose to finance through our lease to own program (excluding GE money) then you can cancel your lease at any time and return the furniture! You'll only pay for the time you've owned the furniture!

2. Shop online Once you've been approved we can finalize your order by phone, all documents can be viewed and signed electronically. It is an easy and straight forward process designed for busy professionals who cannot make it in the store during our normal business hours.

3. Instant Approvals! Apply online today and our newest application will provide you with an instant decision and an approval up to $4000! The finance company will verify your bank account and your credit card information on your application.

4. There is no Credit Check! This means there will be no inquiries on your credit, and your approval is not credit based! Our online application uses a secure server to transmit your data to our finance company directly. They do not pull credit but instead use current job history and verify bank accounts in order to process your approval (You can see the approval requirements below)

5. Safe and Secure All information transmitted through an online application is SECURE there is no doubt about that! None of our employees will ever see your financial information when you apply online. All of your data is kept secure directly at the offices of our finance company.

What are approvals based upon?
Answer these questions before you fill out the application.

* Do you make at least $1500 a month and deposit $1000 or more into your bank account?
* Have you had the same job for 6 months?
* No overdrafts in the last 30 days?
* Do you have a Checking account that has been open for at least 90 Days?

If yes to all 4 questions then you're approved! Itís that simple. Just fill out our quick online application today and get instant approval.

What is 90 Days same as cash?

Our 90 Days same as cash financing option is a great way to keep your money in your pocket and still get the furniture you want today!

When you finance through any of our finance companies we offer a 90 Days same as cash option meaning if you pay off your loan in 90 days you will not pay a penny more than the amount you financed. For example: You finance $600, you make 3 Payments of $200 and your loan will be paid off in 3 months.

What if Iím denied?

If you're denied by our online application please donít get discouraged. We work with multiple other lenders and we can most likely get you approved. We will just need you to bring in all of the information listed below in order to process your application in our store.

1. Most recent 30 day Bank statement 2. Current Driverís License 3. Voided Check or Bank verification 4. Most recent paycheck stub showing Year to date totals

**All of the companies we work with are NO CREDIT CHECK finance companies so we wonít be hitting your credit multiple times.

I've already been approved somewhere else, Can I use this approval at your store?

Absolutely, and itís a simple process simply call us today 972-488-4040 and give us your reference number then we will do the rest. We would love to have you as a new customer! As long as you have not already made a purchase using your progressive account we will be able to transfer your approval from any store!

What if I don't get approved for enough to cover my items?

If you're not approved for enough to cover all the items you need. We are currently offering an additional 10% to your approval amount! Thatís right your $1500 approval will become $1650! All you have to do is let us know! If that still is not enough we do have other options:

Our no money out of pocket option involves on of our other finance companies listed below. Simply Fill out the application that suits your needs and Call us if your having any questions. a You will be responsible for 2 monthly payments.

You can also pay the difference in cash, or on a credit card. You will only finance your approval amount. And your finance fees will be reduced accordingly. This will decrease your monthly payments and get your furniture paid off much quicker!

Why is there a finance price and a cash price?

  We do our absolute best to mark our furniture as low as we can and to offer the absolute lowest prices in the Metroplex. However in doing so our prices are not inflated enough to absorb the up front fees that our finance companies charge us in order to finalize a sales order. So what we've done instead of simply offering the typical over inflated furniture prices is offer a super low cash price or a finance price which includes these up front fees.

  We definitely want to earn your business so please don't let our finance price lead you to believe we are simply keeping the extra money involved in finance deals.

**If you use the finance option you will be required to pay the "Finance Prices" Listed in our site**

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Additional Financing Applications (Also no credit check)
(Fill these apps out if you are not approved by progressive OR require additional funds to make your purchase)

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