If you have a job, Your approved No credit required!

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Do you check my credit?

   No. Our finance company "Progressive Finance" uses your job, and your income to get you approved for up to $4000 instantly! They will not run your credit report or hit your credit with inquiries. Personal information is required on this application to verify your identity and your income.

 Sensitive information is completely private and no associates of our store will ever see it.

Why is there a finance price and a cash price?

  We do our absolute best to mark our furniture as low as we can and to offer the absolute lowest prices in the Metroplex. However in doing so our prices are not inflated enough to absorb the up front fees that our finance companies charge us in order to finalize a sales order. So what we've done instead of simply offering the typical over inflated furniture prices is offer a super low cash price or a finance price which includes these up front fees.

  We definitely want to earn your business so please don't let our finance price lead you to believe we are simply keeping the extra money involved in finance deals.

What is 90 Days same as cash?

  When you finance through any of our finance companies we offer a 90 Days same as cash option meaning if you pay off your loan in 90 days you will not pay a penny more than the amount you financed. For example: You finance $600, You make 3 Payments of $200 and your loan will be paid off in 3 months. You will finance our "Finance Price" Plus tax and be asked to pay a $40 app fee upon completion of your invoice.

Our 90 Days same as cash financing option is a great way to keep your money in your pocket and still get the furniture you want today!

How do i know if I'll be approved?

Answer these questions before you fill out the application.

* Do you make at least $1500 a month and deposit $1000 or more into your bank account?

* Have you had the same job for 6 months?

* No overdrafts in the last 30 days?

* Do you have a Checking account that has been open for at least 90 Days?

If yes to all 4 questions then you're approved! Its that simple. Just fill out our quick online application

What if i'm denied?

   If you're denied by our online application due to: 1-3 Overdrafts in 30 days, Being employed less than 6 months but more than 30 days. Then there is a good chance we can still get you approved with another one of our finance companies. You'll still need at least $1500 a month income, and a Checking account. If you meet these requirements you'll actually need to come by our store and fill out a paper application which we will fax to the finance company that suits your situation best. Please do not get discouraged if you're not approved instantly by progressive. We will need you to bring in all of the information listed below for "Pre-Qualified" Customers in order to process your application in our store. This is why we have a 98% Approval Rate!

  **All of the companies we work with are NO CREDIT CHECK finance companies so we wont be hitting your credit multiple times.

If your account is Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved We will need the following:

1. Most recent 30 day Bank statement
2. Current Drivers License
3. Voided Check or Bank verification
4. Most recent paycheck stub showing Year to date totals

Is progressive your only finance option?

  No it isn't. For your convenience we prefer that you apply with progressive first because they offer an online application capable of determining your approval status instantly. Meaning you will be approved on the spot and may not be asked to provide any of the paperwork required by our other finance companies. In the event that your denied or not approved for enough to make your purchase, we have several other finance companies. We will work hard to get you approved no matter your credit situation.

I've already been approved somewhere else, Can i use this approval at your store?

  Absolutely, and its a simple process simply call us today and give us your reference number and we will do the rest. We would love to have you as a new customer! As long as you have not already made a purchase using your progressive account we will be able to transfer your approval from any store!

What if i don't get approved for enough to cover my items?

  If you're not approved for enough to cover all the items you need. We are currently offering an additional 10% to your approval amount! Thats right your $1500 approval will become $1650! All you have to do is let us know! If that still is not enough we do have other options:

  You can also pay the difference in cash, or on a credit card. You will only finance your approval amount. And your finance fees will be reduced accordingly. This will decrease your monthly payments and get your furniture paid off much quicker!

**If you use the finance option you will be required to pay the "Finance Prices" Listed in our site**

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Additional Financing Application
(Fill this app out only in the event that you require additional funds to make your purchase)

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